The Scioto County Board of DD, just like any other school system or public agency, needs to maintain a balance to offset future deficits and commitments. While enrollment and services have increased in past 5 years in our community our levy income has remained constant.

If we didn’t save some funds from early years of our levy, we wouldn’t have the money today to carry us through this fiscal year. Revenues typically exceed expenditures in the early years of a levy. If this money had been spent and there was no surplus then when expenditures catch up to revenues there is no balance to carry through.

Our surplus currently represents almost 6 months of expenditures. We are proud that we have been able to secure additional state resources that have allowed us to continue to serve an increasing number of individuals without having to come back to the taxpayer to ask for additional levy dollars. We are asking for a yes vote for renewal of the levy, which will not increase your taxes and is based on the tax year 2015 property values.

We are asking for this renewal with the commitment to efficiency, seeking partnerships, and maximizing other forms of income in order to maintain and expand quality services for a growing population in our county.